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Artist Interview – Trap producer Simtem

Artist Interview – Trap producer Simtem

Following our foray into music for music created by Jairo Bonilla and minimal techno as produced by Cyril Picard, we turn to Trap music and Canadian producer Simtem.
Simtem started out with his Facebook music page around four years ago.
Back then he was making dubstep, at that time a relatively unknown genre in North America.
“I just go with what I’m feeling at the time”, as he says himself. Over time, Simtem has has focused more on producing Trap as his fanbase has grown to over 20,000 followers – with two trap tracks alone, he’s hit the million view mark on YouTube.
He’s evolved as one of the up-and-coming Trap producers in the last few years, bringing out tracks with well-known artists, rappers and producers in the genre that have really put subwoofers
to the test.
In our short interview, he tells us what the vital ingredients are for Trap and gives tips for anyone who wants to try making this style of music for themselves. Check out our full interview with Simtem on our MAGIX Audio Blog and while you’re there, find out how budding musicians can build up a network or add more power to their drum beats.

Music Maker – “Music Maker is also a powerful DAW that can also be used by professionals.”

Nick, why did you choose Music Maker as your DAW and what do you especially like about it?

I chose Music Maker as my DAW because of its simplicity when I first got into producing. Then as I kept on making music and growing as an artist I realized Music Maker its also a powerful DAW that can be used by professionals as well.

Which plug-ins within Music Maker are your favorites?

I really like the VITA Sampler: it makes it easy to chop up vocals and other sounds to make into melodies in my projects later. Another one of my favorites is the newer DN-e1 Synthesizer. It’s really powerful and great for making cool sounding basses, synth leads – and it’s easy to load presets into, which is always a plus!

Music production – “I just go with what I’m feeling at the time.”

Can you describe your workflow when you make a song? Do you have a special schema?

To be honest, my workflow is always random, I feel like it’s best that way! Sometimes I start with the drums of the track, sometimes it can be the bass or melody. I just go with what I’m feeling at the time.

How do you create your sounds and tones? Do you use pre-prepared samples or primarily VST-instruments? Do you record these live via MIDI keyboard?

I use a mixture of both recording live sounds and sampling sounds/melodies. Thanks to Music Maker’s easy to navigate interface I feel very comfortable sampling, using VST instruments and recording live via MIDI.


Trap – “EDM Trap is a lot more ‘in your face’.”

What is the essence of Trap, in your opinion?

That’s a deep question (laughs)! I think Southern Trap music has to be dark and gritty. When you listen to Trap music from the south, it should sound like the hood, it’s not a happy place.

For the EDM infused Trap music (the kind I make most of the time) it’s kinda the opposite. It can be dirty and gritty but sometimes it’s more hype and uplifting. EDM Trap is a lot more “in your face“ sounding most of the time and has less lyrics usually than Southern Trap music

Simtem & the music business – “Don’t release something just to release it.”

Where do you consider your musical roots to be, Nick?

Well not many of my family members played music, so I‘d say just from listening to music a lot as a kid. I played guitar and drums as a teen up until I was a young teenager. I also played classical instruments in high school, but I was ironically awful in music class (laughs). I found out about producing and djing around 14 or so and I guess the rest is history.


Artwork by Tobi Carelle

What tips would you give to someone who’s interested in making Trap?

Do your research! Learn about the origins of Trap music, the different styles, the people who are all involved in the genre, which DAW you want to use. It’s all important and will help you down the road as an artist. Practising is also very important, don’t release something just to release it. Take your time, make something you actually enjoy and can be proud of.

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Want to start making Trap? You can start right away with one of the Music Maker versions!


Basti is a freshman at MAGIX since 2015 and works in the Social Media team, mostly focussing on french communication. He is studying Music and Media and currently writing his Bachelor thesis on the origins of hip-hop. When he does not navigate the social media world, he loves to play piano and dance.

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