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iPhone Apps for Designers

iPhone Apps for Designers

The Apple iPhone isn’t just a well-built telephone; it’s also an incredibly helpful work tool. The following 11 apps are perfect tools that should certainly be of interest not only to freelancers but also to designers themselves.

FontShuffle – The Fontshuffle app makes it possible to view and test 650+ different font types with ease. Fonts are sorted according to similarity to enable ease of use.

Whatthefont – Portability is everything. Whatthefont allows designers to analyse font types on the go. Here’s how it works: You see a poster on the street that uses a great font and you want to know what it is? Simply take a photo and the app will tell you exactly which font it is and also recommend similar ones. However, make sure there’s a good contrast between font and background, and make sure to incorporate plenty of light.

Palettes – This app is particularly handy for web and graphic designers. With palettes you can create colour schemes as well as save different colours from websites and photo albums. The colour schemes you create can be either imported or exported via e-mail.

Ego – Quickly check your website’s stats whilst on the move. The app gives an overview of your page rank, traffic, Google Analytics, Twitter, Feedburner and much more.

WorkTimer – This is a great app for freelancers – especially when you’re in the fortunate position to be working on more than one project at a time. WorkTimer makes it possible for you to input each project and the work hours required for the job so you can stay organised.

Wunderlist – Wunderlist is a free, cloud-based task manager for keeping on top of all your to-do lists. With this app you can share important tasks with colleagues, prioritize these tasks and filter them according to due date. The app also allows you to create handy e-mail reminders.

FTP On The Go – FTP On The Go is a great FTP client for web designers. With the app you can manage all data transfers on a server whilst on the go. This way it’s possible to upload, download or update data from anywhere. Also included is an integrated browser for displaying previews.

Dexigner – For graphic designers, staying up to date is key. With this app you won’t miss any of the latest graphic or fashion design trends. The app features all the latest news from events, trade shows, conferences, workshops, competitions and design awards. Dexigner also offers access to a huge, international design database.

Brushes – With this painting and drawing app, creativity has no limits. A whole host of great features and a great user interface give artists all the support they need during the creative process. Each individual step from start to finish is marked and can be played back with the free Brushes Viewer.

Network Utility Pro – Network Utility Pro is an app that allows you to check the status of your server. Use a ping test to see if your server is responding or check your IP address. This small app will also run a TCP/IP port scan for you.

Wuala – Wuala is a safe online storage platform. With this app the user can save files or entire back-ups online. Of course there are other similar cloud services available, but Wuala offers an especially safe encryption mechanism. After you’ve created an account there’s a free 2GB of space on offer. Up to a further 250GB of storage space is also available at an extra charge.

These 11 apps are just a small selection of the great tools and aids available for designers in the App Store. The market for iPhone and Android apps is constantly growing so let’s wait and see what resources for smart phones and tablet PCs will be developed next….

Author: Marianne is from twago, Europe’s largest online mediation platform for customers and freelancers working on projects in the fields of programming, web design, translation, copywriting and graphic design services.

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