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Let the games begin – MAGIX and Euro 2012

Let the games begin – MAGIX and Euro 2012

Even people that aren’t fans will be heading to the football event held Poland and Ukraine that kicks off today. Anyone can enjoy the party atmosphere in the streets, more so due to the huge flatscreen TVs that have been installed everywhere. MAGIX offers the Bet Maker and other great features for Euro 2012.

MAGIX and Slavic countries

Through the coverage of the football championship many people are discovering for the first time how beautiful Poland and Ukraine are, but also the problems, which the countries face. MAGIX has been around in Eastern Europe for a little longer, for five years to be exact. Back in 2007 MAGIX released Zdjęcia na CD & DVD 6, MAGIX, PhotoStory on CD & DVD in Polish. The entire program, manual and all was translated into Polish. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro has been translated into Polish too. Our slideshow and video editing programs were also translated into another Eastern European language, not Ukrainian but another one that uses the Cyrillic script, namely Russian. MAGIX Видео делюкс has been available in Russian since the release of version 12. I’ve personally had the pleasure of presenting the program together with the video and sales team at a press conference that lasted four hours. Russian is spoken by over 50% of all Ukrainians. At present we have an impressive product range on the Russian and Polish markets. Click on the Russian or Polish language versions of the MAGIX website for more information.

The highs and lows of “the beautiful game”

There were hundreds of photos were taken at the matches during the World Cup in 2006 and lots of recordings were made of chants and songs bellowed out by the tone deaf fans. To show that in its pure form in a slideshow, video or on a website could be pretty embarrassing. The MAGIX Soccer & Sports Media package has got enough video, music and photo content to smarten up all the best moments, so people who aren’t raving football fans get to see the better side of “the beautiful game”. In this way the spirit and euphoria can be reproduced once again!

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