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Live Sets: The fastest way to make your own song

Live Sets: The fastest way to make your own song

Are you looking for the fastest way to develop your own performance, whether hip hop, electro, or rock? Allow us to present the solution: The new Live Sets in Music Maker 2016 Live!


The Live Sets were produced especially for Live Pad mode in the new Music Maker 2016 Live. You’ll find the right Live Set for any music genre arranged according to the following labels. During selection, the short description of each set is also quite helpful. Just listen to the different genres and select your favorite track. You can fast forward or rewind using the player shown below.

Diversity of Live SetsAdvantages

A Live Set consists of a total of 16 loops, which are assigned to the pads automatically. Not only are the loops matched perfectly to each other, they have also been recorded in all seven pitches, which you are already familiar with from Music Maker. In this case, pitch 1 stands for “C major” and pitch 7 stands for “B major” . So if you want to insert a loop into your existing song, then you’ll find it directly in the right pitch. This saves you from having to pitch shift and guarantees consistently high quality. Every pitch has been recorded by our musicians using real instruments. They also purposely added minimal variations, just to create the perfect, authentic sound.

A stylized keyboard

More info about Live Pads

Chord Progressions

To ensure that your song sounds great from the start, it’s important to find the right chord progression. There are numerous scientific experiments that provide evidence that the majority of chart hits consist of a 1-5-6-4 sequence.

A great example of this is how many songs based on this chord progression have been published on YouTube by  The Axis of Awesome auf YouTube veröffentlicht:

With the help of Live Sets, you may now easily build this chord progression yourself. Or you can combine the loops freely as you see fit and select the right pitches according to the progression you want.

Perform live

As the name suggests, Live Sets are suited perfectly for live performances. You can use any loop for your track. Simply select the song matching the pitch in Music Maker 2016 Live in real time. You can change the pitches either by clicking one of the seven numbers or use the keyboard buttons on your USB pad controller.

Commercial Use

All Live Sets are licence and royalty-free for commercial purposes.

Check out the Live Sets here

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