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MAGIX LIKE5 CONTEST: Trade FB-Friends for PC-Joy

MAGIX LIKE5 CONTEST: Trade FB-Friends for PC-Joy

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555 is the MAGIX number!

During the next couple of weeks, everyone who is well connected on Facebook and who wants to use the PC creatively should remember this motto. Because MAGIX warms the mood of everyone in this rather cold and gray season with a contest, which offers for everyone really interesting prizes and incredible deals leading all into the spring.

The basic idea is simple – help us to get more friends on Facebook and we’ll help you to have more creative fun on your PC!

This is how it works:

  • Beginning of the contest was when we reached 15,555 MAGIX-Fans on Facebook.
  • A first stop we will make after we have 1,000 new friends, which means when we reached 16,555 fans. When we reach this number, we are giving away 5 x Arcus Graphics Tablet XL (including Photo & Graphic Designer). This is the ultimate input device for creativity on the PC – draw, retouch photos or simply use it as a mouse.
  • Our second stop with new prizes will be scheduled when we have another 2,000 new friends – in other words, after we reached 18,555 fans on Facebook, the next prize will be a big one, a HP Pavilion Notebook PC! Our incredible partners at AMD are generously sponsoring this powerful notebook: Enjoy premium performance, ultra-realistic 3D gaming and perform ultimate multitasking with AMD’s fastest Accelerated Processing Unit (APU), the quad-core A8-Series APU. Learn more at:
  • Keep the best for last: for our last step we want to achieve 3,000 new Facebook friends. When the total number of our fans has reached 21,555 fans, we will offer exclusively for all our Facebook fans on one day, which we then will announce, our top five products for a discount of 50 percent to be purchased through our online store.

So, do not forget: 555 is the MAGIX number. Encourage your friends to like us on Facebook and this spring we will help everybody to use their PC with joy and creativity – and especially with the successful MAGIX programs!

555 MAGIX LIKE5 CONTEST: Trade FB Friends for PC Joy

No reason to get the creeps from the 666 … the 555 is already enough for us!

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