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Make music with the app

Make music with the app

The MAGIX Audio Remote app has been specially developed to work with MAGIX audio software. Here’s an explanation of features included from the start in the app and the best way to use these for your music productions. The feature set will be expanded in the future, so it’s always worth installing the latest version.

Feature pages in the app

The Transport, Filter, Reverb and Live Pads feature pages can be selected via the hamburger menu (marked in red top left in the screenshot). In addition, there’s the settings and start pages. The MAGIX Audio Remote app automatically detects which MAGIX music software you have installed on your PC and only shows you the pages that you are able to use with the respective program.

The surface of the MAGIX Audio Remote App


With the transport page, you can operate projects in Music Maker using a mobile device. The following features are available:

  • Loop
  • Go back to beginning (of project or loop)
  • Play/Pause
  • Stop (stops the track and jumps back to playback start)
  • Record (particularly helpful for starting a recording from a recording space)


On the filters page you can modify the cut-off frequency and resonance parameters* of your Vita Instruments. After recording a melody or chord progression, you can control filters for the instruments with the app in realtime – even while you’re playing a take. The blue weight hanging on the yellow sun controls cut-off frequency on the horizontal axis and filter resonance on the vertical axis. Move the sun to determine the area in which the weight should be active. To adjust pendulum length, keep one finger on the sun and pull the weight with another finger. To make the movements of the weight independent of the sun, just tap on the sun. The recording button in the transport bar on the right enables you to record your changes to the signal as an automation. Tip: Find out about other exciting features on the filter page in the app’s help section. Have fun experimenting!

*The parameters that can be controlled differ between Vita Instruments.

different backgrounds for the app


Two reverb parameters for your selected Vita instrument can be controlled via the MAGIX Audio Remote App*. A zoom in and out movement changes the size of the circle and specifies the dry/wet ratio. The larger the circle, the more echo will be mixed into the signal. By pulling the edges of the rectangle, you can change the size of the reverb room. In addition to having lots of fun playing around with this, you can also use your modulations professionally and transform them into reverb parameter automations. To do so, simply press record in the transport bar to start recording your movements.

*The parameters that can be controlled differ between Vita Instruments.

control Virtual Instruments

Live Pads

Live Pad mode lets you control the 16 pads in MAGIX Music Maker Live by tapping your display. As soon as you have found the right preset, you can start playing and arranging the loops in each set any way you want. Activate and deactivate the sound loops by tapping the corresponding pads. By clicking “REC”, you can access recording mode. You can then record your arrangements.

For more information about using Live Pad mode and its features, please read our article “Getting started with Live”.

the different filters od the App

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