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Make your own photo collage the easy way!

Make your own photo collage the easy way!

Did you go on vacation this summer and take some amazing photos? Do you want to show them off or create a collage using photos of your friends or of your last event? Not sure how? It’s easy!

A few days ago I used Xara Photo & Graphics Designer for the first time and learned the basics in two days, well enough to make a decent collage in a few easy steps in any case. The introductory videos in the help menu were great for getting started. I made the MAGIX logo a bit more autumnal, you could do the same to your photos – why not arrange them in a palm shape? An eye-catching way of presenting interesting photos!
In a few easy steps I will show you how to you can achieve the same effect yourself. I will need the “M” from the MAGIX logo. I edited all the letters in the same way.

First you need something to edit, this could be an icon, a logo or some kind of shape. If your logo or shape is part of an image you’ll need to extract it. I used the shape tool to (Shortcut: F4) place points around the desired area. Once the first and last points have been joined a black grid will appear. I colored this red because it makes it easier to edit that way (see screenshot).

Now I highlight both objects, it’s easiest if you just press “Ctrl + A” to select all. Now right click on the highlighted area and click on “Combine shapes → Slice shapes”. Your shape is now free and can be used with other images. Drag and drop it into the project and adjust the size and position using the handles. The images can protrude a little, just watch out that you completely cover your motif with images.

Once you’ve placed the pictures how you want open the “Page & level gallery” on the right. Open the tree structure and select your motif (it should be right at the bottom) and press “Ctrl + F” to bring the motif to the foreground, now change to the shape tool, mark all object again (“Ctrl + A”) right click and choose “Combine shapes → Intersect shapes”.

That’s all there is to it! I created the background of the MAGIX logo using the ellipse tool (Shortcut “L”) and edited it using the transparency tool (Shortcut F6).

Now it’s your turn, create your own collages in a few easy steps. Enjoy!

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