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Promote a website

Promote a website

You’ve created your own website, but this alone is not worth much without visitors. With classic marketing instruments, you can increase the traffic to your site, grow its popularity and promote your own blog or shop. Now we’ll introduce you to a few methods which you can use to to advertise your website.

Ways to promote a website

Register your website with Google

In order to be found on the Internet, we recommended you to register the website with search engines, so you can be found with an organic search. Probably the most important search engine is Google. To be found on here, you can use the Google Search Console (registration is free) to request to be incorportated into Google’s index. Your site will still land in the index, even if you don’t use this method.

Google will find your site provided that search engine bots are authorized in your website’s settings for robots.txt to include you in the index. This process may however take more time.

With backlinks, links from high-quality sites to your own, you can draw attention to your page. This might be for example articles naming you as a source. This makes it easier for search engines to find you.

site request domain

With this search request, you can check whether a website has already been indexed by Google, and which sites exactly.

Your website’s look

Make sure that the first impression of your website encourages visitors to take a closer look at the site. Ask your social sphere and take on their criticism. The more clearly your site is structured, the easier it will be for your visitors to find their way around and the more likely it is for them to take a closer look at the content, share it, or recommend the site to others.

Unique content

Your web design looks convincing, but is your content? If you want your website to be found with a specific topic, it’s important to present it using unique content like texts, diagrams or videos. Your content should not be copied from other websites, and it should deal with one topic clearly and at best, holistically. The amount of words you need will depend on the topic. However, pages with little text content do not display added value to search engines.
You should use the topic of your website as a basis to provide interesting topic-related content.

This content will often be linked or shared or and will help to promote your website.
Generated backlinks are also an indication to search machines of the relevance and quality of your homepage.

internet ideas


When writing editorial content, you should consider what your target group is intending to find out with a search using specific terms. Through optimization for certain keywords, you can attract visitors to your site. The search engine Google detects the relevance of your content to certain search terms and places you higher in the search results based on this keyword (also based on other factors).

Edit your title and description. These are displayed in the search results and offer a preview of your website. Use terms that you want people to discover you with, at the place you want to be discovered, and describe the site’s content.

With the actual content, work keywords into titles so that your visitors can recognize the link with the word that they had originally searched for. Tools like the Keyword Planer or the help you research keywords and suggest new terms for you.

You’re optimizing for the machine, but also for the user. In this article, we’ll talk a little more in detail about Search engine optimization.

Increase your regional publicity

Register your business or shop websites in industry directories or catalogs like Google My Business. Your site will then be displayed when users search for a relevant service or for your business with Google or Google Maps.

Make sure your use different sites as well as different texts (unique content).

Use social networks to promote your website

Social networks like Google+, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn offer a good starting basis for getting your own website known and for gaining customers or users. Depending on your website and the topic or business, you can focus on your target group and choose the appropriate network.

You can share your posts or launch competitions and offers. Pay attention to the time you publish content, in order to be sure that your posts will be read. The most successful content are tweets in the morning between 9am and 3pm, Facebook postings between 1pm and 4pm. You won’t receive as much interest at the weekend. So when appropriate, ask friends and acquaintances to share your posts in order to increase their scope.

Email marketing

If you already have an existing customer base, you can maintain contact with subscribers or site users through signup to a newsletter, keeping them informed about offers or new content. This offers your target group continual added value, keeping them coming back to your site.

More expensive ways of advertising a website

The biggest expense to using the previous advertising methods is the time factor.

With search engine advertising or Facebook ads, you can receive traffic relevant to your target group on the same day. With this, you can narrow down the target group on Facebook. You can also use keywords within SEA limits to activate ads that will land directly at the top of the search results. These methods can help you to advertise your website known in a very short space of time. It’s important to consider whether this step will be worthwhile when taking your budget into account.

Classic offline marketing

The website is of course available online, but this doesn’t have to mean an online advertisement, you can also advertise your homepage outside the digital world. The tried and tested offline forms of advertising a website are articles, advertisements in newspapers and magazines or vehicle advertising. If you have created your own website, then remember to update your business cards. The URL, your telephone number and your email address are essential.

The different marketing steps that you can take to increase your website’s popularity will need to be adjusted on the actual homepage. With so many different options available, there’s sure to be a method to suit everyone. If you’re looking to carry out website design optimizations, you should try out the Xara WebDesigner. Win over your visitors with the first impression and use the large number of options for optimization that you have available to promote your website.

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