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May the Worst Song Win – the EURO 2012 and the Music

May the Worst Song Win – the EURO 2012 and the Music

Right before the big sport events of the last decades, especially in football a tradition has been established to release songs along with European or World Championships. Next to official songs like “Football’s Coming Home”, which easily can withstand even the lowest standards regarding audibility and taste, a dark almost vulgar music market was established. Neither lack of talent nor long faded glory seems to hold back the artists of this market to publish the bluntest slogans with the most simple melody – the main thing seems to be that something rhymes with “ball”. The results sounds as if the only goal is not to overwhelm anyone intellectualy with 1.6m wailing the song.

Even in an increasingly integrated Europe, certainly there are still regional differences. These divide the continent into nations with a high trash-factor and states with at least as much style to stay away from this undignified spectacle. Although, the boundaries of bad taste do not run as deep as for example at the Eurovision Song Contest. A non-representative survey among the international MAGIX colleagues showed that more people from northern Europe obviously enjoy to listen to strange sport-songs. While the southern part of the continent until now has shown a dignified aloofness towards this spectacle. The only exception so far discovered is the World Champion from 2010, Spain. But it has to be noted that the presented list of songs below makes no claims to be complete. Unfortunately, the scale of bad taste has no limit for musical embarrassment!

So of course we do call to all our readers: If you know some more terrible music for the EURO 2012, you are hereby invited to post it in the comments below this article or directly on our Facebook page.

Here are our music choices for the European Championship 2012 – with qualified comments by our music-expert, Ulrich Hepp:

  • Denmark – Nik & Jay: Vi vandt i dag
    Our comment: Let’s hope that “Danish Dynamite” plays more exciting than they sing … while the fans with their faces painted in national colors convey happiness, these two fellows singing is so sad that the yawning boredom of the song can not even be saved by the flat-ironed autotune vocals.
  • Germany – Jürgen Drews: Schöön EM Song 2012
    Our comment: So here he is – our wrecked pop singer with long since faded glory, number one. A typical, cheap wailing antham for those who want to watch the EURO on the island of Ibiza with their heads in a bucket full of sangria.


  • Netherlands – Johan & Wilfred: Nederland is helemaal Oranje
    Our comment: the wrecked pop singer with faded glory, number two. Or are we speaking former
    football  players … nobody knows! The song is another version of “City of New Orleans” by Steve Goodman  … no big differences to the original were heard.


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