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Movie Edit 2014 Preview

Movie Edit 2014 Preview

We’ve worked so hard over the last few years in order to be able to present a new version of Movie Edit Pro this autumn. The new features in Movie Edit Pro 2014 make powerful and easy video editing more fun than ever before. Today we’re going to give you an insight into three of the new features that await you in Movie Edit Pro 2014.

1. NewBlue ColorFast**
The new plug-in “NewBlue ColorFast” allows users to apply a range of color correction techniques to your video footage. Create unique images that make your video project stand out from the crowd.

2. HDR Effect*
This effect is often used when 3 photos have been taken of the same scene. If you take one photo that is underexposed, one that is overexposed and one with regular exposer then lay them ontop of one another a more vivid image will be created. The integrated HDR function is designed to recreate this style of image using just one photo. Compare the following before and after photos.


3. Import from 4K and Movie Edit Touch projects
Another new feature is that Movie Edit Pro 2014 supports the movie theater format 4K, also known as Ultra High Definition Television. This allows you to present your movies on the big screen just like an actual director. Along with this feature, you now also have the option to import Movie Edit Touch projects into Movie Edit Pro.
MAGIX is supporting this media exchange by giving a copy of Movie Edit Touch to everyone who buys Movie Edit Pro 2014 Plus and Premium.

* This feature is only available in the Plus and Premium versions.
** This feature is only available in the Premium version.



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