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Movie Edit Pro with the new Mediapool

Movie Edit Pro with the new Mediapool

It has arrived! This year’s summer will once again be all about the new Movie Edit pro, continuing a tradition of sorts. However, we want to avoid falling into a routine, and instead tinkered around with the settings, introducing a fresh Summer breeze to the new version with the help of numberous  improvements: faster operation, free soundtrack and tons of templates and effects with the new Mediapool.

All this to make sure the essence and strength of Move Edit Pro, your video project, stays front and center.

How do I install the new update?

As soon as you launch Movie Edit Pro, the program will automatically notice that a new update is available. You will then be asked to confirm the download. You can also install the update using the “Help” button and then going to “Update program/Add functions”.

What’s new in the update?

The new Media Pool:

We have starkly expanded the effects area in Movie Edit Pro and made it much easier to navigate.On the right side of the screen you will now find four tabs: “Import“, “Effects“, “Templates” and “Audio“. The noticeably more modern and flexible design helps you when looking for effects, templates and audio files, offering a lot more space on the screen for your ideas.

Mediapool 1
Those of you in the know must have noticed by now that the “Audio” tab is new. In the next section, we will explain all advantages of the new Mediapool.

To find out more about the Mediapool, watch this video:

The Store:

In addition to the already integrated intros/outros, transitions, captions, movie templates and sound material, you will also get 20 songs and 2 sound effects packs.

If that’s not enough for your video production, you can get just what you need in the new Store: 145 new intros/outros, transitions, captions and film templates, 32 full soundtracks and 22 sound effect packs.


In addition, you can also find and integrate new plug-ins. You can find these under the “Effects” tab at the bottom. Among others, you can choose from NewBlue Elements Overlay, HitFilm Movie Essentials and more.


What options are available in the new Mediapool?


The new Mediapool’s biggest strength is undoubtedly its clarity. Thanks to the well-organized structure, you will find what you need quicker, bringing your video project closer to the finish line. You will find various categorized options in each tab, where you can, for example, search for “Transition effects” under “Templates”. This speeds up the overall Movie Edit Pro workflow and helps you implement your ideas to create the final result.


The audio section:

In the “Audio” tab, you will now find songs and sound effects, together in one location. Who isn’t familiar with this feeling: you’ve just finished a whole day of shooting and want to quickly go through the material to set the first cuts. It often happens that the recorded audio material isn’t quite convincing. The audio section helps you in this situation with lots of audio effects for dubbing your video! You’ll find, for example, water sounds in all forms, ranging from soft ripples to powerful waves.Or, play around with all kinds of door noises. Or simply choose an atmospheric songs to give your scenes some depth.

audio section

Now it’s your turn! Give new Movie Edit Pro a try and use its features in your next video project!


Basti is a freshman at MAGIX since 2015 and works in the Social Media team, mostly focussing on french communication. He is studying Music and Media and currently writing his Bachelor thesis on the origins of hip-hop. When he does not navigate the social media world, he loves to play piano and dance.

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