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Movie Edit Pro – Premium Extras

Movie Edit Pro – Premium Extras

I was recently asked to check out the extras that come with MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium. I have only recently got into video editing but I have a solid background in audio engineering and find many principles and techniques to be similar. proDAD VitaScene 2, NewBlueFx Light Blends and Red Giant Magic Bullet Quick Looks sound great on paper so I was interested to try them out. Being a beginner anything that can help give my work a professional look and spark creative ideas is to be welcomed.


After installing Movie Edit Pro Premium to install NewBlueFx Light Blends and Red Giant Magic Bullet Quick Looks you need to access the Help Menu. Select “Free Downloads” and select the extras you wish to install. After the content has downloaded select the “Install extra programs” sub-menu listing the additional content. Select the items to install and proceed and follow the instructions. Once you register the software you should receive an email containing instructions and the necessary codes to authorize the additional content. Once installed, and after a restart, you will find Vitascene and Red Giant via the Effects Tab -> Additional effects, LightBlends via the Fades tab -> additional fades. You can use Vitascene as fades too. You will find the corresponding preset also under Fades -> Additional fades.

The Magic Bullet

First I tried out Red Giant Magic Bullet Quick Looks. Apart from creating an intuitive work-flow with all the features clearly laid out the results were very impressive. Its speciality is in providing a professional “movie look” to your footage. I was a bit dubious with this claim before trying the software. Being a sound engineer there are often such claims in the audio world and they never quite stack up. But I was amazed at the results this tool produced. I was quickly able to preview different “looks” for my footage and find the right mood I was after. I can’t even begin to think how you would actually achieve this, but now I don’t have to! It truly is a magic bullet.

A NewBlue Day

Next I had a look at NewBlueFX Light Blends. Again I found the integration of these effects to be amazing. I opened up some previous movie projects I had created and with a few clicks I had transformed the visual experience. From subtle to drastic these tools really helped the flow of the movie. After showing this to some friends I even got an offer of some work. This is a reflection of how professional the transitions are, adding a real dynamic edge to the content and keeping the viewer engaged. Through reworking the material with these tools I was inspired to get more creative with the software and am having lots a fun too.


Last but not least I investigated proDAD VitaScene 2 MAGIX Edition. Apart from adding a great look and feel to the footage, being able to tweak the settings really allowed me to explore and customize the look of the movie I was working on. There are so many different looks and qualities that movies and photography have these days that really bring the images to life. Having access to these tools is really inspiring and makes working with video much more exciting. Another area were all these tools are beneficial is when you don’t have the expensive equipment the pros have. Using just a basic video camera and combining them with these tools allows a professional creative look, and without all those years of training too!

From Slow to Pro

I hope you have as much fun as I do with these tools, they have greatly enhanced my productions and have encouraged me to be more creative and adventurous with the material I film too. When filming I always get excited imagining how I will be able to transform and modify the footage with these awesome tools.

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