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Movie Edit Pro: New features for ambitious video productions

Movie Edit Pro: New features for ambitious video productions

Even in the year of its 15th anniversary, the driver of innovation, market leader and long-term award winner that is Movie Edit Pro is continuing to work on titles from the specialized media. The 2018 version is continuing the successful tradition with your help – for the first time ever in the history of Movie Edit Pro, the software has namely been developed using an official customer survey that our users completed. In other words, this is an update heavily based on your ideas and preferences. 

So what should you expect in the new version? Besides an infinite world of effects which lies at the heart of the new Movie Edit Pro, there are various new plug-ins and a redesigned Media Pool. The general performance has also been improved, making the software more stable and efficient than ever.

How do I install the new update?

As soon as you launch Movie Edit Pro, the program will automatically notice that a new update is available. You will then be asked to confirm the download. You can also install the update by using the “Help” button and then going to “Update online”.

What’s new in the update?

Smooth-flowing preview

Thanks to INTEL, we’re boosting Movie Edit Pro’s playback performance to a new level. The new integrated INTEL GPU hardware acceleration allows you to now edit your video recordings up to 5x faster.

Even high-resolution 4K material now plays even smoother and faster on your preview monitor. Over 70% of customers have requested this improvement and we are pleased to have implemented it with the help of your feedback.

New effects in the new Store

You can find up to 1,500 new effects, templates and top-quality film music in the new integrated Store. As you know, ambitious film projects need a solid basic structure. In order to provide you with professional content for your video projects, there are now many plug-ins from the effect specialists NewBlue and HitFilm an exclusive discount price in the Store.
What’s more, 20 songs and 2 sound effect packages are included for free.

Direct import from the cloud

With improved mobility and a growing need to be continually reachable, Cloud services are becoming more and more important. With Movie Edit Pro, you can now directly import your media from Google Photos, Google Drive und One Drive, so that you can access your photos and videos from anywhere.

Additional new features

Ambitious users with a Plus or Premium version can continue to enjoy further advantages:

  • The maximum number of tracks has been increased to 200.
  • 360° perfection: 360° video material will be automatically recognized by the software and can be edited by using the new Stitching feature.
  • Plus and Premium packages: Even more high-quality content for more fun editing your videos.

Thumbnails of effect packages

The best is still to come

Upgrade now and get all the new features and updates in November 2017 as well! Thanks to the new update service you’ll get all the Movie Edit Pro developments in the pipeline and for free. They’ll really revolutionize Movie Edit Pro! Here are some of the highlights:

Preview of free track editing in the upcoming version of Movie Edit Pro

Insert, delete and move tracks at a specific point in the sequence

Preview of simplified Chroma Keying in the upcoming version of Movie Edit Pro

Simplified Chroma Key feature

Preview of the new editing controls in the new version of Movie Edit Pro

Color picker for text editors and new sliders for exact color temperature adjustments

Get the new version of Movie Edit Pro and take advantage of exclusive offers.


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