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Music Maker Jam: From App to Software

Music Maker Jam: From App to Software

Note: Screenshots are taken with the Android-Version on a Galaxy Tablet, however the approach is the same on the iPad-version.

In honor of the launch of our Music Maker Jam iPad-version, we want to answer the most sought-after question: How can I export my tracks to Music Maker?

Nothing easier than that!

export options

When you’ve completed your track or individual loops with Music Maker Jam, the app offers several options. Directly next to the Soundcloud upload button is the share Button share icon where can choose between E-Mail, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-Export. Depending on your connection, you can speed up the export using USB. Simply connect your tablet to your computer and select the file Tablet → Music → Music Maker Jam Records to show your sounds.

Then upload your audio file to Music Maker and you can start fine-tuning it! Pay attention when you import the file format, because Music Maker Jam uses the Ogg Vobis format (.ogg) instead of (*.mmm)-projects. The Remix Agent will guide you first through the tempo and beat detection, then you can start the Mixer with a double click.


Have fun with creating and mixing! And don’t forget to share your tracks with our Soundcloud Community!

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