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The Music Maker Jam Community has arrived!

The Music Maker Jam Community has arrived!

After surprising everyone with the incredibly useful voice recording feature, that allows users to integrate external sounds or voices to the music production, here we are with another revolutionary update: Music Maker Jam just opened up its very own community.


By downloading the update through your App Store (Google Play or iTunes), you will immediately notice the community symbol in the app’s home screen. This is literally the gateway to a whole new music experience: thousand of artists have already set up their profile and started sharing their best tracks within the app. You can navigate through the content by sorting the tracks by Latest or Hottest or selecting a specific genre. You will also be able to search for specific users or songs using the search function. Pro tip: try your luck and search for a random word with the search function: you will stumble upon unexpected music!


Explore, comments & like

After spending a good hour listening to all that great content, you might be tempted to comment and like some tracks: in order to do so, you will need to create your own community profile. Do not worry, it just take a few minutes! You have the choice to sign up either with your email address or Facebook account. Easy peasy! Second step: just pick a great nickname and a nice picture to complete your profile! Pro tip: Add a little bio. You can even include clickable links to your website, Soundcloud page or Social Media!


Build your audience

Whether you are already an avid Music Maker Jam creator or you just found out about the app and just started creating your beats, you might be curious about the quality of your work. The Music Maker Jam community was created exactly for this goal! Pick a catchy title for your song and spend some minutes in choosing the right background picture – in a community with thousand of songs, this could be the key to be noticed! In no time you will see your play counter starting to grow and comments and feedback about your music won’t take long to arrive either. In the meantime, go explore other artists and leave comments about their music production: most likely they will pay a visit to your page. Pro tip: Do not forget to follow Music Maker Jam’s official account!

Get famous!

The whole Music Maker Jam team is listening to hundreds and hudreds of songs every day, looking for the most memorable tracks! The best productions are showcased daily on the Music Maker Jam Facebook page! Plus, our whole community is made of music enthusiasts that love to help each other and give constructive feedback to get the best out of every producer! Do not miss the chance to find great collaborations and make your music heard by many! Pro tip: keep your account active and upload music every once in a while. Stay up-to-date with the community features by following Music Maker Jam on Facebook or Twitter.



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