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Music Maker Jam – Voice Recording

Music Maker Jam – Voice Recording

With the most recent update, the Music Maker Jam App received not only a new look and additional features for Android, it now also comes with a voice recording function for Android and iPhone! We’d like to show you the new design, explain all new functions for Android and provide an insight into the all-new voice recording feature. What it can be used for and how to use the recording function properly will be explained here!

New design includes new features (Android)


The Android surface has been updated completely and looks now way more stylish and smooth in a timeless black and white look. The bluish dyeing lends a summer-like touch and rounds off the laid-back, nonchalant flair of the Music Maker Jam App. It’s also convenient that all important App sections can be found right above the home screen.

One of the most important innovations is the new loop sector on the mixer screen: just one tap on one of the loop names is sufficient to mix a new song from loops out of different style packages. Afterwards, you can share your tracks with your friends by simply using the one click sharing function.

Voice Recording (iPhone and Android)

The highlight of the update is the voice recording function capable of recording not only your vocals but also claps, percussion sounds and instruments. Just give it a try!


How does the recording work?

Every of the eight tracks can be combined with a vocal or another kind of recording. By tapping the microphone symbol, the integrated microphone will be activated. Thanks to the loop selector, all your recordings can be used in other projects too. The speed will adapt automatically when used in another project.

How do I record best?

First and foremost, you should put on headphones to avoid problems with cross-talk. Also, the microphone shouldn’t be too close to you to eliminate the risk of overregulation. Don’t forget to close all doors and windows! Better use a furnished room with carpeting – ideally a living room (instead of a bathroom). Unfortunately, there is no rule on how to hold your smart phone. Again, practice makes perfect! You’ll achieve the best results using an external microphone for smart phones. Just connect it and start recording.

This update is just the beginning with more features to come in the next weeks. So stay tuned!

If you haven’t downloaded the Music Maker Jam App yet just access the app store of your choice, like the App Store, Google Play Store or the Windows Store and convince yourself!


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