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Music Maker: Getting started with Live

Music Maker: Getting started with Live

From your home studio to the stage, from insider tips to celebrated star. MAGIX Music Maker 2016 Live makes it possible with just a few clicks. We’ll explain exactly what you need to do in what follows.

After the program has been started, click the “Live” button once (see screenshot) to access the Live Pad mode directly.

access the Live Pad mode directly

Under “Templates” you can choose between different music genres. Each genre contains 30 different Live Sets to choose from. A Live Set consists of 16 different loops, which are distributed automatically to the pads. This may be controlled either with a USB pad controller or with the mouse and keyboard. In this way, you can listen to something directly without any complications, and once you are skilled enough, you’ll have your own audience!


Clicking on a pad or pressing one of the keys provided for this (see pad labels) starts a loop. Clicking or pressing again activates the sound loop. This gives you constant control over which pads make sound and which ones don’t.

the different effects

It’s easy to compose your own songs in real time or to improvise during live performances.

In order to avoid multiple drum loops activating at the same time, the percussion section is placed in a group. For each group, only one loop can be activated! Not only does this prevent serious confusion, it also provides the option to arrange your own song live.

Analogous to control via mouse and keyboard, live pad mode can also be operated via the USB pad controller included in the “Live Performer” bundle. The 16 pads are provided in hardware form, and you can comfortably start and stop the loops easily by pressing the various pads. Activated pads glow green; the remaining pads are yellow while they wait to be activated by you.

Seven different pitches

In order to get more variety in your productions and performances, you can choose between seven pitches in live pad mode, which help make your track sounds more diverse. You can change the pitches either by clicking one of the seven numbers or use the keyboard keys on your controller. The first white button (“C”) represents the first pitch, while the seventh white button (“B”) indicates the seventh pitch.

Record Mode

As soon as you have found your groove and a certain song structure has occurred to you, you can click the “REC” button to activate recording and record your ideas in the arranger window. Make sure that either loop mode is deactivated during recording or the loop is set correspondingly long enough for your plan. This also enables you to use Live mode for yourself privately at home to design new songs. This mode also provides an opportunity to save your arrangement ideas for upcoming live performances and to listen to them as often as you like until you know which pads you need to activate or deactivate when to keep your fans going. Record mode is also used to record improvised live performances so that you can look back on unforgettable evenings. Simply press “REC” before you start warming up the crowd.

Still not enough?

If you want to try out new sets, you can easily reconfigure the 16 pads easily with your own sounds using drag & drop via the clearly laid-out navigation. More Live Sets are available from our top producers in our online shop. Simply click through the different sound collections in the genres of hip hop, trap, house, techno, metal, or chart hits.

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