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Music Monday – ExXon

Music Monday – ExXon

Summer is a time for outdoor parties, chilling by the beach or in the park and soaking up some rays. In order to complement these vibes you have to have the right soundtrack. This is where ExXon aka Frank Götz helps us out. His track “Summer Breeze” grooves along nicely, light and uplifting, helping to put a smile on your face and a dance in your step. We caught up with ExXon to discuss how he came to use MAGIX, music making software, and his track.

Summer Breeze is a track I produced with Magix Music Maker Premium MX. There were two reasons for me to buy this program, firstly, a friend had the program was getting some great results, and secondly, it was in my budget and offered some serious tools for the price. Having been using the program for a while now I am very satisfied and be able to realize my ideas.

I started making music in 2007, first with the freeware program LMMS. In 2011 I decided to buy MAGIX Music Maker because it offereed many more opportunities to let my creativity run wild. My interest and fascination with electronic music has always been great, so I decided to try it myself. Self promotion is important in this game so including SoundCloud I also published the track on MAGIX Multimedia Knowledge Community ( and YouTube. My advice to others who are getting into producing would be to upload their tracks to MAGIX Multimedia Knowledge Community and the other places on the Web to get advice from other users. You never stop learning so help can be found in many places.


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