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Music Monday –  JBX (Reflets d’Acide)

Music Monday – JBX (Reflets d’Acide)

This week our Music Monday features the work of JBX. His composition Divagations Vagabondes is a beautiful piano driven piece. Somewhere between a soundtrack composition, and classical/electronic crossover it features an great arrangement and excellent productions skills. We have a chance to chat with JBX about his practice.

You used MAGIX Music Maker to create your project. What drew you to the program and how does it help you in your work?”

I know MAGIX software for a long time indeed. I created a French audio-theater show (Reflets d’Acide) with MAGIX Music Studio back in 2003! To this day, I still use this old program to mix voices but when I want to compose, MAGIX Music Maker 17 Premium is excellent, the editor is easy to use for me, the Soundpools (especially drum kits and percussions), the musical instruments (piano keys, bass, strings) and FX are great. The Midistart 3 Pro-keys controller outstandingly completes this computer-assisted music system! Classical music and Movie soundtracks are my preference. This program is fortunately non-specialized even if modern music (techno, rock…) are more represented.

How long have you been producing music and what drew you to it?

Thanks to CAM, I’ve been producing music since 1988 (my first one on an ATARI 520 ST computer!) but I’m not a musician or a composer, just a “Dabbler”!

How did you come up with the idea for this project?

Well, the piano melody was in my head! Fortunately, it’s easy to use MAGIX editor to compose what we have in mind. I think I worked 8 hours on this project with MAGIX Music Maker.

What advise would you give other music makers who would like to go in the same direction?

I’m not really a “composer” and my creations are simple. Thanks to passion, ideas, MM17, CAM and a lot of time I can realize some music!

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