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Music Monday – Masters of Light Entertainment

Music Monday – Masters of Light Entertainment

This week we feature the work of Masters of Light Entertainment (M.L.E). Having used various software for their track “I am not a number” they decided to use Samplitude Producer. As they use mostly hardware synths they wanted to use a recording software that could capture their sound in the best possible way. This reason and also the powerful mastering functions within Samplitude Producer made it the best tool for the job. The results speak for themselves, rich detailed sonic richness. We had a quick chat with M.L.E about their productions.

As we use a lot of old hardware synths we wanted to use and capture the sound of these synths using a different Sequencer for a change. Samplitude Producer which I have had for a while now,which I sometimes use in conjunction with Cubase. I like the ease and flow of the work area in Samplitude. Again the mastering functions are great for quick results and beefing up your tracks Has we all know mastering is an art form in its self.

I wouldn’t say the track is finished not by a long shot. It’s still work in progress. I have been producing music for a very long time now in different bands and using synths, software and hardware.

The track was recorded live straight into Samplitude with out any virtual effects. The main Bass line is a Korg monopoly layered with a Yamaha CS2X synth, and a Micro Korg for the lead synth at the end. The track just grew into what it is in a few takes. Being a big fan of The Prisoner series I added a few samples from it.

If was to give any advice to other it would be to really learn your gear. I am still learning all the time. Get the best you can out of the equipment you have, learn it backwards. I try to avoid VST synths not because I don’t like them. I am just lucky enough to have kept all my old hardware.

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