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Music Monday – NoKlipz

Music Monday – NoKlipz

As you all know in March we had our March Music Madness month. We had some great features in the magazine, not to mention our Facebook competition. As a result we heard some great music produced with MAGIX software. While we all had our favorites in the competition the clear winner was NoKlipz with his track Roughneck Sound (Explicit). It’s a dance track, pulling elements of dubstep and electro house together to great effect. With great productions skills, rich fat sounds, and a clever arrangement, it’s not hard to see why people enjoyed this track. We are happy to once more feature this work in this weeks Music Monday. We had a chat with NoKlipz to discuss his work.

Did you ever win a competition like the Music Madness with your music?
This was the first competition I have won with my music, and will hopefully be one of many!

How did you come up with the idea for your winning project?
Nothing really gave me an “idea”, it was more of just letting the music lead the way. I tend to just start with a single sound and build from there whether it is a synth, bass, kick, pad, or vocal. I just let the song make itself basically. I’m just the one that puts it all together.

NoKlipzHow long have you been producing music and what drew you into it?
I have been producing for maybe 6-7 months now. It really started when I was working for my parents and was attempting to “DJ”. Since then I have befriended people in the music industry, like at a radio station in Portland, Maine called WCYY, and talking to Brent Smith of Shinedown about the song “Bully” and its impact on me. After last summer, which is when the above happened, I found MAGIX just by looking through Google for a music-making program. I downloaded the demo and loved it. Now 6-7 months later and 40+ songs completed, two album releases under a different alias, and my most recent album, under my new alias “NoKlipz”, I won this competition with a song on my debut album “My Name is NoKlipz” which you can find on my BandCamp page which is

What advice would you give other producers who would like to go in the same directions?
My advice to other producers who would like to go in the same direction would be to not try and replicate another producer that has hit it big, like Skrillex, DeadMau5 and other famous producers out there. Make your music original, maybe take inspiration from a popular song but take it in your own direction.

You have won a great MAGIX software package and a SoundCloud subscription. What are you plans with those prizes and what are the next steps for your music?
Currently my plans with the prizes are to continue to make music that makes me happy and that others enjoy. I won’t be making much music for a while, since school is starting to end. I have to get ready for my first year as a full-time student in college this fall. I’m majoring in Live Sound Technology, and I am really excited to attend the school I’m going to.

However, I am talking to Cesar, the other winner, about making a compilation track at some point. I am very excited about that.

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  • His music editing and producing has come a long way in the short time I have known him. However i have heard some really fresh ideas. Definately give him a listen.. SB owner of KC&Company VJ/DJ Services.


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