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MusicMonday – Dmsy

MusicMonday – Dmsy

This week’s MusicMonday comes from producer Dmsy.  Listening to his SoundCloud page shows a talent for a variety of electronic styles with a great attention to detail.  He is a man of few words, letting the music do the talking.  This track “International Craziness” is a slamming dubstep track featuring fat sounds and an engaging arrangement that keeps you guessing, what’s going to happen next!  We had a brief chat with Dmsy, here’s what he had to say;

You used MAGIX Music Maker to create your project. What drew you to the program and how does it help you in your work?

After testing other DAWs I found the tools in Music Maker to be incredible. These combined with the awesome collection of loops made producing the kind of music I am into much easier and faster. All the tools are at your fingertips!

How long have you been producing music and what drew you to it?

I have been producing for about a year and a half. The thing that inspires me the most to make music is the work of other artists. I like producing various styles, after hearing the work of people such as Skrillex, Madeon, Tiesto, and Hardwell. When I hear there music I try produce in that style, and then put my own spin on it.

What advise would you give other music makers who would like to go in the same direction?

I think you have to have a real passion for what you do. When you create a song, you need to put all your effort into making it the best it can be. Working in this also helps you to perfect your production skills and develop your own style.


Alan joined the MAGIX team in June 2011. Originally from Ireland, he has a strong background in music technology and production with a passion for music of all kinds. He is an active performer on the Berlin experimental music scene and also releases his own music.
  • CommiXV

    Klingt gut!

  • Georg Krüger

    Ich sehe, dass das alles schön in Kreuzberg gedreht wurde! Nice!

  • Juergen

    Der Mann hat Ahnung vom Schnitt, vom Einsatz der Musik, – das macht neugierig.