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MusicMonday – Gordan Kepcija

MusicMonday – Gordan Kepcija

This week’s Music Monday comes from Gordan Kepcija with his track Round in circles. Using Music Maker, Soundpools and live guitar and voice he creates powerful tracks full of emotions and melody. This track is just one on many Gordan has produced so be sure to check the rest of his music on his SoundCloud page. We also had a quick chat with Gordan about his methods.

You used MAGIX Music Maker to create your project. What drew you to the program and how does it help you in your work?

I have always tried to find a way in which I could create a specific musical background or musical backdrop on which I could record the electric guitar and voice. Something similar to the artists I was inspired by artists such as David Gilmour and Gary Moore.

How long have you been producing music and what drew you to it?

Music has been my hobby since the early 80`s, and MAGIX Music Maker 2007 XXL, combined with the SoundPools libraries makes for a simple but very good way of recording and producing my own music.

How did you come up with the idea for this project?

The song is talking about the circle of life which we are living every day and every night and the eternal themes are mostly love and suffering.

What advise would you give other music makers who would like to go in the same direction?

Everyone who relates with music are aware how it can be inspired by their creative moments in life, they should use these moments so they can to write down their ideas in music. MAGIX Music Maker is a simple and powerful creative tool for home recording, having it available on Laptop means I am always ready to create.


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