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MusicMonday : R-Y-S-E

MusicMonday : R-Y-S-E

Only last week we featured a tutorial on creating dubstep wobble bass sound in Music Maker. This weeks MusicMonday shows it in action. R-Y-S-E uses it, plus many other tasty breaks, drops, and sweet build-ups in this electro house track. Your interest is maintained throughout the track with many clever production tricks, and rather than do nice smooth transitions R-Y-S-E has blunt cuts and chops, making sure the piece is always in your face! We caught up with the producer to talk about his work with our music software, MAGIX Music Maker.

You used MAGIX Music Maker to create your project. What drew you to the program and how does it help you in your work?

MAGIX Music Maker was the second DAW I had ever used after Ejay MusicDirector, but Ejay was becoming old and outdated. I switched to MAGIX and have used it ever since. The main thing that drew me to MAGIX Music Maker is it’s very user-friendly interface. I found it very nice to manipulate, edit, and create sounds within the program without following any tutorials or having much musical knowledge. This drew me to the program particularly because I mostly enjoy producing electro house and complextro music which involves a lot of breaking down and editing of sounds.

How long have you been producing music and what drew you to it?

I have messed around with music software for about 7 years, but have only been producing music more seriously for about a year or so. I was drawn into producing music because I enjoy electronic music and like to share the music that I create. I like manipulating sounds and seeing what I can make out of them. It’s often the music people listen to which convinces them to try it for themselves, but I never used to listen to much music (only the car radio when forced to), so that’s not in any way what drew me to making music, which may seem unusual. I only began listening to music more often once I got into producing it.

How did you come up with the idea for this project?

Basically the sound that is repeated throughout this song, I decided that it sounded really powerful and I should definitely make almost an entire song out of it, so most of the song is that sound manipulated in pitch or with added effects. There weren’t really any big ideas I came up with for the project I just really liked that sound, if I’m honest. I also often end up convincing myself that all the sounds I put into the track need to be loud and powerful, which is probably not a good thing, and very noticeable in this track. That’s my downfall when producing any chill or ambient music…

What advice would you give other music makers who would like to go in the same direction?

I personally would recommend experimenting with many styles of music rather than just the one you most enjoy. Initially I pretty much only produced electro house music, and more recently I’ve been practising with other genres (such as drum & bass, chill and ambient tracks) and I think doing this definitely improves your experience more than focusing on the genre or two you enjoy listening to most, and they’re still very enjoyable to produce.


Originally from Ireland, Alan has a strong background in music technology and production with a passion for music of all kinds. He is an active performer on the Berlin experimental music scene and also releases his own music. Alan is a former member of the MAGIX Team

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