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#MusicMonday – Sufjan Stevens – Get Right, Get Real

#MusicMonday – Sufjan Stevens – Get Right, Get Real

My first introduction to Sufjan Stevens was through a friend who had a spare ticket to a concert the American singer-songwriter was giving in 2005. Touring the album Illinois, there was a great deal of hype and anticipation around the concert but for me it was just some guy I had yet to experience and was slightly apprehensive, does the world really need another singer-songwriter? These concerns were soon dispelled through the next 90 minutes of glorious, sonorous melodies and uplifting anthems. Successive releases have shown that this artist transcends genres and expectations. Obviously benefiting from the creative freedom allowed by releasing on the label he co-founded, Asthmatic Kitty, his latest work, The Age of Adz , explores everything from disco, electronica, folk, and hip-hop. The latest single off the album Get Real Get Right is full of hysterical melodrama and fantasy in both its lyrical and sonic content. If you have yet to discover this talent you are in for a real treat, for everyone else here is another gem to brighten up your day!

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