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MusicMonday – Tom Kinster

MusicMonday – Tom Kinster

It’s great to see ambitious people who want to produce their own music and get it out to the public. It also makes us very happy when we read on the album cover that the songs were recorded with our music software, as was the case with Tom Kinster.  He has been making music since he was 5 Years old and recently built his own recording studio which he used to produce his debut album, “The Start of Summer”. He played all the instruments himself, then recorded and mixed them using the awesome VITA instruments. The information contained in the featured song “My House” is characterized as an atmospheric keyboard which reminds us the music of the lounge sounds of the 80’s and 90’s.

How has the MAGIX software  helped with the development of your musical creativity?

I use Magix Music Maker 15 Premium together with the MAGIX Music Editor 2. I like the program because it is very intuitive for musicians, giving them the opportunity to concentrate on the creative part. It is also very convenient that all the relevant tools are easily accessible in menus.

How long have you been producing music and how did you get started?

I’ve been playing keyboard for 10 years, and guitar for 5 years. I had a few gigs with bands and wanted to just create my own song ideas. MAGIX Music Maker gives me the opportunity to perform all the parts sequentially, making each song completely my own. My whole album, “The Start of Summer” was produced using this technique.

Did you have any initial problems while learning the software?

No, I actually learned the program very quickly.  With such a  logical layout, in just a few clicks I could produce something very satisfying. By producing more and more, I was able to improve the sound quality and my production skills. The possibilities are almost limitless.

What advice would you give to beginners?

I would first work with the existing sound libraries to learn about the software, but then soon begin recording your own tunes. If an instrument is not available, the VITA Midi Editor is there to help. It can also be used later in conjunction with a midi capable keyboard. For your own guitar sounds it’s also useful, but there is no way to replace a real guitar!

What advice would you give to artists who favor your style of music?

My musical style is characterized by influences from the early 90′s, but also by the presence of the guitar riffs. So as to create a similar sound explore the use of many instruments – especially guitar and keyboard. These are in my opinion the most versatile instruments. In order to produce a really great album it takes time and effort, but have fun too.



Laura has been working at MAGIX since 2012. This Berliner by choice is a self-proclaimed movie and tv series junkie, lover of literature and likes long summer nights on the balcony with friends.

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