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MX – What’s it all about?

MX – What’s it all about?

The new MAGIX versions, most of which will be released this year come with a new name. As many people will have guessed the first product in this new wave is MAGIX Music Maker. In terms of order this version would be version 18, but we’ve decided to put a end to this numbering system. The MX ending will be the dominant ending among all products on the shelf from now on. I’m going to explain what this means and why it is being adopted.

MX is not an abbreviation for MAGIX but in fact stands for Media-X-change. For years lots of our products have been able to load content directly onto the internet and thus share with the entire world. For example onto your own personal MAGIX Online Album, or onto large portals and social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, MySpace and SoundCloud. With the programs of the new MX series we’re taking things a step further, this is our vision: systematic networking of all relevant MAGIX programs, allowing quick and simple media exchange, for presenting online and storing your files securely.

One click is enough to transfer photos, slideshows, graphics, videos and music from one program in the MX series to another. This makes it incredibly quick and easy to add the right background music to a video or into a video’s arrangement. The “Share” button makes it all possible. You can check out exactly how it works in our video.

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