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My 1st MAGIX – Marco van Doorn

My 1st MGX June13 216x300 My 1st MAGIX – Marco van DoornDo you remember the very first Music Maker? The Dutch DJ Marco begann almost twenty years ago his hobby with our software. He started to mix his songs with our program. Besides listening to music and also play instruments, he also works – as mentioned above – as a DJ. The 40 year old father of two works in a Dutch company specialised in background music and so he is not only focussed on music in his spare time. You can read about his first experiences and impressions on Music Maker in our short interview.

Which MAGIX product did you use first, and how did you get hold of it?

I bought the first version Magix Music Maker. Somewhere in 1995. I was looking for a program to make a mix. It shouldn’t be “too expensive” and must have pitching and several channels to start with. Music Maker was the one. I saw it in the stores and read about it in the magazines. In the first versions could not be mixed with mp3 files. Those files had to be decoded first. And the pitching has to be applied first before you could hear the result. It took al lot more time then and the program wasn’t really “stable”. A mix project could not be longer than 5 minutes or the program gave some errors. I am not really a manual reader, so I tried and searched everything myself.

What did you do with the software?

I use Music Maker for mixing. I am not a producer. That’s an other profession and cannot be done by every person I think.´I make megamixes (like yearmixes) and mashups.

For you what were the advantages of using MAGIX programs?

The strongest tool is the time processor. You do not have to change to an other field to make the tracks or parts faster. Just do it in the same workspace and directly hear the result. This was in the first version and still is in the actual version. This is the main reason I chose Music Maker.

Why did you stay with MAGIX?

During the years I tried some other programs, but I really got use to Music Maker. Works fine with the shortcuts and still has it’s powerfull tools. It’s fair to say that it’s not the best program like some Hi-End Professonal software which costs 10 times more, but it’s getting real close I think. I read in an interview of Afrojack he started with Music Maker too. Like some people say. It does not matter how expensive the tools are. You still must have the skills to make it. And every year I get the same comment? “You made this with Magix?”……. Yes!

What do you want to see from the products in the future?

That’s hard too say. What can I expect from € 50,-/€ 100,- software. Better mastering….. I only use a little piece of Music Maker. And those parts do not change too much I hope.


Since September 2012, Dennis has been part of the Social Media Team. In his free time, he challenges himself with video making, creating some good results. When the weather is nice, he takes his motorbike and goes for a ride around Berlin.

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