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National Unfriend Day Celebrations

Jimmy Kimmel just prompted me to do something I never thought I would do: care about my facebook friend list. As a person who both enjoys quality time with friends and living in the moment, I use facebook as a mean to the end of seeing people in real life, rather than as a repository for an overflow of updates and comments. However, I am guilty, like many others, of letting my friend list bloat.

I have, as of today, 951 friends.

Though I must say I am an outgoing person, this is absurd. How did this happen? When did this happen?

I can remember setting up my facebook account, my first social networking profile, at 18. It was exhilarating. I felt limitless and post-human. I could be everywhere and anywhere. But as I look, now, at this massive number, I feel that I’ve overstepped my abilities and my human comprehensions.

So, I’m going to be joining the National Unfriend Day festivities. I will be deleting the hundreds of people whose names and faces I no longer remember, but, in many ways, still have a desire to know better.

No, contrary to what some may think, Unfriending does not mean that I have lost a desire to get to know these ‘friends’. In fact, it is because of my desire to meet and explore people that I will be deleting them. I’d love to enjoy the randomness of seeing them again one day. We would be sitting in a café. We would have, both, a slight notion that we may have met before, but our last meeting would be a bit hazy with time. We wouldn’t know how drunk the other one was last weekend, or how many relationships the other had cycled through in the past few years.

We would be free to be fresh and new.

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