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The new Video Pro X!

The new Video Pro X!

Got high ambitions when it comes to video editing? Or maybe you’re already a professional video artist? Take a look at the new Video ProX!
From the automatic shot match feature and HEVC/H.265 support to the NewBlue Looks plug-in package and update guarantee, the unrivaled range of innovative features in Video ProX makes it the best choice for professional video ediitng.

The program is specially designed to meet the needs of video enthusiasts and comes with improved performance and powerful tools to let you achieve broadcast-quality results. Native 64-bit technology and scalable proxy editing provide optimal video editing in HD and 4K quality. What’s more – Video Pro X is the first and only semi-professional video editing software on the market offering Intel HEVC encoding.

Professional-grade effect design

Video Pro X offers even more options for creative design and video optimization, including the new automatic shot match feature, the NewBlueFX plug-in package and modern title templates. The range of features also includes an advanced auto-exposure feature. Detailed color and tonal value correction enables you to precisely edit luminance and individual RGB channels with Bézier curves. Contrasts can be modified with non-linear editing so that recordings with flat or log profiles can be used manually to give your video the right look.


The new shot match feature lets you create a video with consistent image characteristics from start to finish. The program automatically matches the colors and tonal values of two separate videos to each other. So it’s no longer a problem if sections of your footage have different color values due to the lighting conditions when they were shot.


Want to give your film a special cinematic look? The new plug-in package from NewBlue Looks has all the features you need! With 5 professional filter effects, you can create complete movies ready for the big screen in no time at all:

  • Film Color: Modify color and light to give your film a classic cinema look.
  • Color Fixer Pro: Easily adjust the color balance, saturation and brightness of images.
  • Gradient Tint: Intensify image colors using a wide range of filters.
  • Spotlight: Set an area of an image under a spotlight.
  • Glow Pro: Create a warm light by adding highlights to the original image.


Thanks to the modern title templates, you can easily add opening and closing credits, separate chapters and subtitles to your videos. The more than 250 new title templates have been completely redesigned and feature a modern look and structure.

The complete video editing solution

The new version of Video ProX offers a range of innovative features and useful tools for editing, too. For instance, you can edit recordings you’ve made with a 360 degree camera. Select and extract video clips from 360 degree material and integrate them into your video.

The new snap markers are great for marking important points in video objects. They make trimming, moving and synchronizing objects even easier. The snap markers are especially helpful for beat-based editing and ensure optimal synchronization of audio material and video recordings.

Comprehensive plug-in and format support

When you’re using the latest technology, we’re with you every step of the way. The new Video ProX supports the new HEVC/H.265 codec, which optimally decodes, edits and exports material from the latest 4K cameras. Hardware acceleration ensures that decoding is done by the graphics card, which reduces load on the processor and greatly improves performance when editing 4K/UHD footage.

We’ve also made lots of changes in terms of compatibility. OpenFX plug-ins are also supported for the first time. This means you can now use plug-ins based on the OpenFX standard as a video effect directly from the media pool.


Following Fastcut, Music Maker Premium and the Audio & Video Sound Cleaning Lab range, Video Pro X is the next MAGIX software to be distributed without version number and with an update guarantee. Read more about the update guarantee in our article
Download the free trial version and try out the software’s unrivalled range of features for yourself!


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