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Support question of the month: What are the optimal export settings for YouTube?

Support question of the month: What are the optimal export settings for YouTube?

Over 60 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube across the world every minute. People make up the craziest stories in the hope of getting attention and more clicks than the competition. The budget, story and locations vary from video to video, but there is one thing they all have in common: they all want to export their videos in the best possible quality in order to give their viewers a superior audiovisual experience. Hobby filmmakers also want to get the best out of their videos too, fortunately exporting videos with optimized settings is a piece of cake with Movie Edit Pro as there are a wide range of export options available for finished videos. This brings us to the following question:

Which export settings provide the best quality for YouTube?

It is of course possible to make manual changes to export settings but in order to make life easier for people who frequently upload videos there are useful templates available. Projects can be exported by going to “File” > “Export Movie”. Now it’s time to choose a file format, look through the list and select “Windows Media export”.




An export dialog will open. Select the preset “HDTV 1920 x 1080”.




Every now and again the user might not be completely satisfied with the quality of the exported video. If so they can always increase the “Bit rate/Quality” up to 95. This setting can be accessed by clicking on the “Advanced” button.


These settings allow every user to produce high-quality videos using their video editing skills and successfully present the results on YouTube.

For aspiring professionals – Provide the best quality for your YouTube videos?

Looking for a professional video editing software? You can bring your film ideas to life with simple, powerful tools that enable you to make a killer YouTube video. VEGAS Pro makes exporting for YouTube easy with the Share Online function. With a few easy clicks, VEGAS Pro automatically formats your video according to YouTube guidelines, renders it, and uploads it to your account, all in a single step. You never have to worry about the details.




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