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Music Maker’s Newest Tool: The Orange Vocoder ME

Music Maker’s Newest Tool: The Orange Vocoder ME

Almost every musician knows of this problem: the arrangement is finished, the vocals have been tracked and finally the instrumentation has been produced after many long hours of work. Just one problem: the vocals could use a cool effect! What to do?

MAGIX had exactly this question in mind in preparation for the release of Music Maker and expanded the tools available to include the Orange Vocoder by Zynaptiq. Below we’ll give you an example some of the possibilities this powerful tools can offer you.

New effects to create unimaginable sounds

Now, you’ve established your basic structure. You can hear how it would normally sound in this excerpt, we’ve recorded.

To modulate a track with the vocoder effect, you select the **INSPEKTOR** tab in the lower area of your Music Maker workfllow.

Here, simply click the plus symbol and select the Orange Vocoder.

Plugin Snapshot

Now you can choose one of the many style templates.

Once you’ve done this, choosing the notes to the vocals is child’s play and can be done either with the **KLAVIATUR** using your mouse or by selecting the MIDI keyboard and playing the notes manually.

After a little messing around, the vocals and our piano samples sound like this:

With only a few clicks or touches of the keys, you can create true works of art in your songs!

Are you more curious and would like to try out the new vocoder yourself? Then download a free 30-day trial version of Music Maker and get started!

You can find more information about Music Maker 2017 here.

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