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Easy photo management

Easy photo management

A little organization makes life a lot easier. That’s as true for your computer as it is for your workspace. Those hundreds of images that are so easy to take quickly become disorganized and cluttered.
MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe photo organization software allows you to organize your photos quickly and easily. It enables you to find the photos you’re looking for in your collection right away, saving you lots of time.

Manage, organize & archive photos

Chronological order

Every photo is sorted by the date it was taken in the program’s built in calendar. This makes it easy to search for specific times and occasions, so you can find snapshots from your last vacation or Christmas holidays in no time at all. Since images are compiled at the same point in time, sorting them is easy.

Categorize photos

To make image search for individual photos easy, you can sort your collection into categories. Use pre-defined categories or create your own, custom ones to manage your photos exactly to way you want. You can sort a photo into more than one category, for instance a group photo into categories for “Vacation” and “Family”. And you don’t need to sort the folders that contain your images or delete images from there. They’ll stay in their place once you’ve categorized them. By using categories, you’ll be able to find your photos in no time at all! The categories also enable you to create amazing slideshows based around a certain theme, for instance a birthday or family occasion.

Screenshot Photo Manager with pictures from animals and nature

Manage and sort your images the easy way using the selection tool or drag and drop.

Create albums

Manage your photos by arranging them into albums according to topics of your choice. Find pictures from events, or a photo collection from earlier in the year – all compiled in one single folder.


If you want more space on your hard drive, you also have the option of burning your photos to DVD or CD. The Burn Wizard will help you with this and includes a range of different options. It makes burning images to CD or DVD or different disc formats a cinch.

possibilitys of import & export with the photo manager

The Burn Wizard lets you archive photos in different formats so that they’re compatible with a range of playback devices. The options for export allow you to archive your treasured photo albums to an external hard drive.

Once you’ve created a structure for your collection, it’s easy to organize your photos – so adding new images and maintaining order is easy. Download the free trial version Photo Manager Deluxe and try it out for yourself!

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