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Oscar 2011 Video Guide: James Franco & Anne Hathaway

As every February 27th nears, the buzz of Oscar night starts to re-emerge. People start to plan parties, invite friends, form alliances with films and actors. Also like each year prior, the 2011 Oscar Awards Ceremony will be broadcast live from the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles and all eyes will then focus on the hosts of the evening and their glamorous colleagues. So, we here at MAGIX have decided to prepare for the big night as best we can with a selection of videos to better know the characters of Oscar 2011 .

We’ll begin with the evening’s presenters: James Franco and Anne Hathaway, a pair of young and talented actors whose quirky characters will certainly provide for an unvconventional, humorous evening. Watch the video promo for the 2011 Oscar and judge for yourself:

Ps: James Franco is also nominated as Best Actor for the film 127 hours. If he wins, it would be the first time ever that a presenter has received the prestigious award while hosting!

(Translated from Valentina Versari’s Italian Original)


Valentina has been part of the Social Media Team since 2010. She is passionate about all forms of communication, especially film and literature. In her free time, she studies German and attempts to get her grandmother's old recipes right, with rare but wonderful success

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