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Overview: Freeware VST plug-ins

The question comes up again and again – which plug-ins should be used in the sequencer for which use scenario? Certainly, there are famous manufacturers such as “Waves”, “Arts Acoustic”, “Antares”, “FabFilter”, Magix (AM Suite / VE Suite / Variverb) and others, but quality, of course, comes at a price.

freeware vst plugins 300x47 Overview: Freeware VST plug ins

For those who want to first experiment around, there are amazingly good freeware plug-ins that you can download for free. To give you an overview of good freeware plug-ins, I have compiled this list of my favorites, along with their links.

Kjaerhus Classic Series:

This collection includes pretty much all essential tools for a balanced music production:

  • Auto filter: Enables creative effects like filter sweeps and auto wah-wah
  • Chorus: Classic chorus plug-in
  • Compressor: Crisp and warm sounds. May be applied to vocals and instruments
  • Delay: Classic echo/delay mashine
  • EQ: 7 band stereo graphic equalizer: even out lows, mids and highs
  • Flanger: “Swirl” sounds – just try it out
  • Master Limiter: To equalize the volume of the Master Mix, or in other words: MAKE IT LOUD
  • Phaser: Emulated classic phasers from the 70′s and 80′s
  • Reverb: From the shower to the concert hall, anything is possible

Aixcoustic Electri-Q: One of the best freeware equalizers. A small but powerful phase EQ, which can be used with any audio material. Good presets.

Camel Audio CamelCrusher: Multi-effect plug-in, especially distortion

DaSample Glace Verb: An additional reverb plug-in, but the only one that models liquid acoustic spaces such as water.

Dblue Glitch: One of my favorite effects. Splits your audio material and comes with a series of effects: apestop, Modulator, Retrigger, Shuffler, Reverser, Crusher, Gater, Delay and Stretcher. An absolute must!.

Frettedsynth Audio FreeAmp 2: Guitar amp simualtion with many effects and presets

Very good multi-FX plug-in. Includes the following effects: Filter and 3-band EQ, compressor, overdrive and distortion, crusher and stereo imager, chorus, flanger, phaser and tremolo delay and reverb

Digital Fishphones The Fish Fillets: A collection of highly recommended plug-ins.

Blockfish: A good-sounding compressor

Spitfish: A de-esser to remove “s” sounds

Floorfish: Expander/gate effect

There are other recommended plug-ins, for you to try out. You can find lists for example at “KVR” or at “”

Have fun!