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Waterfall of Words

The merging of nature and technique is a complicated matter and most approaches already fail at the beginning. Usually, technology serves the purpose to help humans to transform nature into culture. So much the better, if it succeeds to combine…
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Cloudy with a chance of data

For quite some time now, the "cloud" has been trying to change our day-to-day lives. The term "cloud" refers to the idea of transferring local "control" over data and programs to online servers.
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2010 World Cup: Underdog vs. Underdog

On the day of their match, two small mountainous countries deserve a closer look. These are two national teams from very different regions, whom only the most avid fans at home could even imagine capturing the title before the start…
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WC 2010: Hope for ball magic

Breathtaking tricks, elegance, quick and assured moves that almost resemble a dance, but carry the risk of broken bones and torn ligaments: This is Brasil's game. Or, this is what most of the fans and the tuned-in public wish their…
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The World Cup 2010: France

Better to play in South Africa with a bitter aftertaste than not play at all. This is how the French WC qualification round could be described. Only in the last minutes of the second leg of the playoffs against Ireland…
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