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Before The Shutter Clicks – Live Photo Editing With MAGIX Camera MX For Android

Before The Shutter Clicks – Live Photo Editing With MAGIX Camera MX For Android

All owners of Android smartphones can now edit their photos quickly and easily with the MAGIX Camera MX application for Android. What‘s so special about that? Well, the android app has 16 effect-presets, which can be used while the photographer is still picking a motif. The effects can, of course, also be used after taking the picture and be updated again and again. In addition, the app includes a media manager and access to a personalized Online Album. Just download the app for free for Android version 2.2. After it started, it is pretty self-explanatory. Anyway, I will show you some tricks and specialties …

At The Beginning You‘ll See The Start Screen

The start screen makes you choose to 1) shoot a photo, 2) edit it or 3) go directly to the MAGIX Online Album. Some of you might remember that our first app already included the Online Album. Through the Online Album you can easily from the mobile device access photos that are not directly stored e.g. on the cell phone.

Life Is Live: How To Activate The Live-Effects

If you would like to impress a young lady that you have in the viewfinder of your camera with some nice effects, just press the FX button. The effect templates appear in the bar of the screen. And now our moment of brilliance – you can choose a template effect and even before the shutter clicks, you will immediately see a preview of your motif together with the effect on the screen of your camera. If you don‘t like, what you see, just choose another effect to apply it live to your motif. When you have found an effect template you like, press the shutter button, – otherwise keep trying different templates.

Are you happy with the picture? Then you have the possibility to include geographic information (“geo tagging”) and to instantly “upload” the photo to the favorite internet platform and publish it, e.g. on Facebook.

Taking Pictures And Editing Photos

The photo isn’t perfect? Just edit it! Open the File Manager and press on the brush. Now you can see the optimization tools. There possibilities for editing are almost limitless. For me, it was surprising that an app can be so complex. As an example, let’s say you met a nice girl on vacation and made some photos of her – why not delight people at home with a little slideshow of her and the vacation?

Open the Media Manager, select a picture and click on the menu. Pressing the button “A/B” you can find different slideshow styles. Display time and similar properties can be defined in the menu settings. If you start the slideshow now, music is added to it automatically.

Conclusion: MAGIX Camera MX is a great all-round package, which is well worth trying. I hope, you’ll have as much fun trying it as I had …

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