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Photo Manager MX Deluxe – The Ultimate Photo Album Software

Photo Manager MX Deluxe – The Ultimate Photo Album Software

When starting to use a new software it’s always great when you discover new features you were unaware of, and which greatly increase the usefulness of the software. This happened recently when I started using MAGIX Photo Manager MX Deluxe. For simple editing and online storage I had been using facilities like Flickr and Picnik. As the latter is closing down in April I thought I would look for an alternative solution. On exploring Photo Manager MX Deluxe I found it more than satisfied my needs for editing, online storage and a photo database software, so a solution was found. Then I started to discover an array of powerful tools and useful utilities and functions within the program that I was previously using numerous applications to achieve. Anything that can speed up workflow and make achieving great results easier is the right tool for me! Here are a few examples of what I discovered.

Let is slide

In my regular blog and social media activities I have the need to use and modify many of my photos. When doing an image search I often find numerous photos that help convey the message I am after. The solution, a slideshow. After putting my photos in the Online Album I can access them on the go. Once they are there is it as simple as creating an Album containing the desired images then selecting “embed album as player”, and you are provided with the HTML code to place in your blog or website.

Image optimize

Most people who use a photo album software like this also have a more advanced software for photo editing. I use Xara Photo & Graphic Designer when I want to do some complicated tasks. But once I started using Photo Manager MX Deluxe I discovered an array of functions that allow you to quickly optimize and prepare photos for presentation, printing, or hosting on a web page, doing away with the need for additional software and work. There are various optimize templates that can quickly address the most common problems, exposure, light & color level problems. You can also store your own presets, even one to correct common faults with your type of camera! When you have set up a particular optimization you can then apply those settings to other photos in your image database, this is a great time-saver. An advantage of all the processing carried out on images is that it’s non-destructive, meaning your image is safe. At any stage you can revert back to the original image and make new adjustments.

Tame that Database

As you know over months, years, and decades your image database expands. In order to keep track of photos and generally aid in the creation of albums, slideshows, and presentations there are many tools to help you categorize your photos. You can assign photos to existing categories as well creating your own. You can also easily rate your images, so finding the highlights becomes that much easier. Once this is done it makes sharing and presenting more manageable. There are some super export functions available. Create videos and slideshows, change image sizes, formats, and optimizations effects, everything you might need. All this takes the pain out of adding images to your website, social media channels, emails and presentation on different devices.

The Ultimate Photo Album Software

Whether you’re a keen photographer, blogger, graphic designer, or just enjoy snapping photos, Photo Manager MX Deluxe will allow to keep track of and present these special moments with style. Using all the extended functionality within the software makes this more than just a photo album software. We are sure you will have fun discovering how you can enhance images and dazzle your family and friends.


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