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Photo of the Month- Adrián Rodriguez

Photo of the Month- Adrián Rodriguez

“The difference between me and all those people that study photography is that I´m going to become a photographer”

This is how this young photographer introduces himself on his personal Flickr page where he exhibits his photographic experiments. Adrián is 21 years old and is determined to become a professional photographer. With this goal in mind he has been studying in a photography laboratory in Madrid for the last 3 years. Although he is very young, he has already won several prices. We got to know him through a photo competition sponsored by MAGIX that he won.

In this photograph Adrián applies the Tilt-shift effect to a panoramic shot of Barcelona. This effect gives to a photography the appearance of a scale model. The effect can be applied to your picture in different levels depending of how intense you want this feeling of unreality to become. Sometimes it is difficult to say in a picture with the Tilt-shift effect if we are looking at a real landscape or at a toy montage. In this case Adrián wanted to use this effect in a different way. We talked briefly with him about this work:

I was having a walk in Barcelona and I found this beautiful view of the city. I loved the geometries and colors that the hundreds of buildings composed. They’re even more prominent than the Sagrada Familia Cathedral. I decided to emphasize this with the Tilt-shift effect. Instead of creating a “model effect”, I used it to create a selective view of the part I was interested in showing.

To create a Tilt-shift effect using the tools of MAGIX Photo & Graphic designer it is very easy. Take a look of this tutorial where we explain you how to do it step by step.

You can get more inspiration in Adrián´s Flickr and test your editing skills with the free trial version of MAGIX Photo & Graphic designer.

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