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Photo of the Month – Jason Hall

Photo of the Month – Jason Hall

This month we move to Maui island Hawaii to have a look to Jason Hall´s surf photography. Jason has been surfing since he was a teenager. Always surrounded by large bodies of water he felt the attraction for the changing conditions of the sea. The different swell directions, wave height, wind directions, etc make every surfing day an unique experience. He also likes to change the equipment and try all different kinds of surfing options: from long boards to mid-lengths to surf mats. There is never two days that are the same.

But he didn’t start taking pictures until a little later. Taking pictures that involve extreme situations of movement is always difficult and even more if you add to that being in the water on top of a board. But Jason has become an expert in the matter thanks to years of practice. We got to talk with Jason briefly who told us some interesting tips about surf photography.

“I started taking surf photos back in 2006. Originally a friend and I used those disposable film waterproof cameras. This was back when the waterproof digital point and shoot cameras were just coming out. We quickly moved to the digital as the film cameras weren’t practical as we’d shoot every day when we surfed. Our digital cameras we’d take out every day and tuck into our wetsuits when we’d surf, taking photos when we had the opportunity.”

We have chosen this picture because we like the colors and shadows of the sunset and the bright green of the ocean in contrast with the sparkling whiteness of the breaking waves. It transmits perfectly the sensation of a tiring but fun day of surfing that is about to end.

“I make it a practice to always have a camera with me when I go to the beach. You can’t predict the lighting, surf conditions, etc… so it’s always good to be prepared. And it’s this planning that makes a great photo. With the digital age, and the technology of the cameras, there’s not a lot of skill in surf photography. It’s being in the right place at the right time with a camera to record it”

You can get more inspiration and tips on surfing photography in Jason Hall´s blog and test your editing skills with Xara Photo & Graphic designer.

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