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Photo of the Month – Jason Michael Smith

Photo of the Month – Jason Michael Smith

Jason Michael Smith lives in the sunny area of New South Wales, located in the east of Australia. He has been working as a freelance photographer for quite a while now and his specialities are portraits, documentary and sports photography but as he himself says, he loves taking photos of interesting people in interesting places doing interesting things. We found his skateboarding photography impressive and we wanted to show you this awesome picture and ask Jason Michael to give us some tips on sports photography.

I like to skate myself and I have been into photography for a long time, so naturally I really enjoy combining the two. At the beginning of this year, after getting some equipment I needed to get the style of shots I was after, I branched out into skateboarding photography. I really enjoy documenting the skaters around my local area, as I feel that there is some amazing talent that shouldn’t go unnoticed.”

To make this picture as for any other sports shot, Jason Michael recommends to pay attention to these three main points: lighting, composition, and content. Having the ability to control the light greatly increases the impact of the shot. You should also pay close attention to the composition of the image, asking yourself questions like “Where is the subject in the frame? What angle is the horizon? And are there any distractions in the foreground or background?” Finally Jason Michael told us about the content:

The content of the image has to be good, and needs to grab the viewers attention. Usually the first thing viewers will look at is the person in the image, so make sure that they’re doing something interesting.”

For this particular picture he just had to do some minor editing which involved adjustments to the contrast, brightness, exposure, and saturation.

You can get more inspiration and tips on sports photography in Jason Michael Smith´s blog and test your editing skills with Xara Photo & Graphic designer.


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