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Photo of the Month – Judith Cifuentes

Photo of the Month – Judith Cifuentes

Last month MAGIX and the Spanish women photographers platform collaborated to award the best spring picture. As a result we met the talented Judith Cifuentes whose picture was chosen among more than 70 entries. This month we want to show another of her astonishing images and get to know a little more about this productive photographer. She comes from a little village near Zamora, in the north-west of Spain. Once she finished college she started to become interested in the world of images, so she quit her job to dedicate herself entirely to photography.

I moved to Salamanca and studied there a photography course. Since then I am a freelance photographer and I am quite proud of it because it´s not always easy. I always liked photography but when I got my first camera, a compact Ricoh, I realised it was the thing I wanted to dedicate my life to. I really liked that camera and the pictures I took with it but now I use a Nikon d300s and I work in digital.

The featured picture shows a marine landscape: the waves crash on the shore, the greenish cliffs fall to the sea and embrace the little hermitage. The beauty of the location is raised by the treatment of the colours and the good composition of the shot. Also the weird stormy cloud formations give a slightly magical touch.

I took this picture in one of my trips in the north of Spain. This is the Santa Justa hermitage in Cantabria. I got to this location by chance and I was amazed. Since that day, every time I drive close to that spot I like to stop and take a look. It´s a beautiful place to spend the day. I used an old wide angle lens for the shot and a little post-production: some saturation in the blues and greens and I improved the contrast a tiny bit.

You can get more inspiration in Judith Cifuentes website and test your editing skills with the new Xara Photo & Graphic designer 2013.

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