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Photo of the Month – Marta Barceló

Photo of the Month – Marta Barceló

Marta Barceló lives in a town on the outskirts of Barcelona with her four children and her husband. She claims not to be a professional photographer but you wouldn’t think it when you see her huge collection of colourful and vibrant images in her photoblog. She also has a very good reputation in the international online world with several photography prizes and publications on her side. She is indeed a really international person; she studied computer science in Mannheim (Germany) where she lived for 7 years and her pictures are proof of the many places in the world she has been to since.

I started taking pictures when I was very little, my father went everywhere with his Nikon, so cameras and photos were always a part of our daily life. Actually, even my grandmother who is 96, doesn´t go out of her house without her camera! I got a compact camera when I was very little but almost every picture I took was blurry or burned or out of frame but this is how everything started!

It wasn´t easy to choose a picture to feature from Marta´s collection since we were impressed with all of them. In the end we made the choice of presenting you this amazing aerial view of a city at night. The sci-fi effect of the light is impressive and you get the impression of being somewhere in some kind of space-ship. Taking pictures in the night is all about getting the correct balance of colours, which is not an easy task but Marta doesn´t seem to have any problem getting a clear and defined picture in these conditions.

This picture is the a view of Toronto from the CN Tower. It was the first time we went up during the night and I remember talking to my family about the wasteful spending of electricity and how the buildings looked like little chips with electricity flowing between them and the big ones like some kind of UFOs, you know, the kids and their imagination!

You can get more inspiration in Marta Barceló´s Photoblog and test your editing skills with the free trial version of Xara Photo & Graphic designer.

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