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Photo of the Month – Rafael Tovar

Photo of the Month – Rafael Tovar

Rafael Tovar has just arrived in Amsterdam from Spain to take a life and career change, following his dream of living in Holland and searching for new professional´s goals. For years he has been working at photo journalism, documenting all kinds of musical events for independent music online publications and other information agencies.

My father was a little into photography and had some equipment, just a couple of old Konikas. My uncle made some cool films in Super 8 at the end of the 70´s and I was fascinated watching them. I guess that was the beginning of it.”

Tovar has already many music festivals behind him and a lot of experience. We noticed it in the quality of his shots. He does not only document the bands playing on stage, he also captures the totality of the festival atmosphere: from the frenzy of the concerts when the excitements reaches fever pitch to the weariness of midday under the burning sun, not forgetting all the cute girls in their hip outfits.

If you are one of those people that adore concerts and don´t miss the opportunity of going to festivals every summer, we have some good tips from Tovar to improve the quality of the pictures you will bring home. Also enjoy the awesome picture of the crowd during a concert that we have chosen as the photo of the month.

The better your equipment is, the better illumination and quality. In big festivals the most important thing is to be one of the first ones in the pit. Then you should try to get to the middle of the scene because normally where all the action takes place. Also knowing how the show goes is useful, then you´ll be prepared for the artists movements. You have to stay alert all the time and have your finger always prepared to push the bottom.”

You can get more inspiration on Rafael Tovar´s website or Flickr and test your editing skills with the free trial version of Xara Photo & Graphic designer.

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