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Photo of the Month- Robert Palomba

Photo of the Month- Robert Palomba

This month we had the pleasure to talk with Robert Palomba about winter sports photography. Born in Nice, Robert grew up between the mountains and the sea. The opposed beauty of these two landscapes was one of the first things that lead him to photography. Surrounded by this awesome diversity, he soon felt the need to capture it with his camera. Robert is a professional photographer since 1988, when he began to work for a photo agency in Grenoble. Afterwards he went back to his native Nice where he worked successfully for another agency.

There I became one of the leading photographers, I learned how to run a production team, the importance of casting and styling and of course scouting locations.

The perfection of this picture is almost paradoxical: the frame is excellent, the composition unbeatable and all of it taken in a matter of seconds. The skier is flying down, making a nice flip and pointing with his ski pole in the direction of the sun. We like how he makes him the centre of attention and how the curvature of the landscape is sharpened by the fish-eye effect. Not to forget the cloud of shiny snow that show us the trajectory of the skier. Robert gave some nice advice for a better use of your camera in complicated situations, like while practising sports open air in snowy mountains.

Everything must be prepared in advance to avoid surprises. Always check the weather forecast and if it looks bad, try tomorrow: taking risks is unnecessary for everyone. You should also be sporty. It really matters when you are carrying heavy equipment and skying at the same time, not to mention ice climbing! Every gram counts, I never use a flash in these situations because it’images too heavy to carry. So, be on shape and love what you do. A nice image could be worth the cold!


You can get more inspiration in Robert Palomba´s website and test your editing skills with the free trial version of Xara Photo & Graphic designer.


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