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Photo of the Month- Sugar Ray Banister

Photo of the Month- Sugar Ray Banister

As we came across Sugar Ray Banister´s blogs we immediately thought his photography had something special. Sugar Ray comes from a little town near Hannover. There he experimented with lomography and architecture photography but it wasn’t until he moved to Nuremberg that he started regularly updating his blog with street snapshots showing the eye-catching images that he found.

I always had cameras around me since I was a young boy. But photography wasn’t a big topic besides taking pictures during vacations. This changed after I have moved to Nuremberg and was forced to discover a city which was completely new to me. I decided to document my discoveries and my rather special view on the city in a blog.

The Bavarian city of Nuremberg is well known for being a beautiful medieval city with an impressive imperial castle. But this is not the city that Sugar Ray wants to show us. His pictures show us the other side of the coin: the normality and apparent ugliness of the postwar architecture that adjoin the citadel.

We have chosen this picture because we liked its simplicity: just a few forms and pure colours. The shot is very well structured and everything seems to be in its place. We can also notice the influence of lomography; a vintage touch to create a nostalgic feeling.

 My way of taking pictures is probably pretty German. It’s organized and structured. Not too much stuff in it. This is how I like it and I always like to bring in some irony. In this case we have nothing but a shiny wall with closed windows. The word “optik” instead advertises an appealing vision which can’t be found on the picture itself. And then those nice colours!

You can get more inspiration on Sugar Ray Banister Blog or on his site of experimental photography and test your editing skills with the free trial version of Xara Photo & Graphic designer.

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