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Photo of the month – Vadim Makhorov

Photo of the month – Vadim Makhorov

Vadim Makhorov is a roofer. His very dangerous hobby basically consists of climbing everything he can find that poses a challenge. This allows him to take pictures from a different perspective, an angle that just a handful of people can experience. Vadim and his friends climb the tallest heights they can find: buildings, antennas or cranes, the higher, the better. Vadim comes from the Russian city of Novosibirsk, the capital of Siberia and is only 24 years old but he has traveled and climbed in many countries already.

His impressively vertiginous shots are also world known and are trending topics in Twitter, Tumblr and any other social platform on the Internet, mostly due to the scandal he provoked when he and his friends illegally climbed the great pyramid of Giza, following a dream of getting to see the view from the top. He started being interested in photography just four years ago: Vadim took pictures with his mobile phone during his walks (meaning horizontal or vertical walks), did some quick editing and posted them on his blog. People seemed to like his shots and he liked people liking them.

And I decided it was cool to make something that people liked. I began to photograph more, then I bought a decent camera and I started to improve the quality of my photography. In the beginning I tried to photograph everything I saw but then I understood that what I really like is to photograph the city from a height, because it was something that brought me the best results.

In the summer of 2011 Vadim and his friends drove 14000 km, stopping in more than 20 cities of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. From this trip many amazing images came, one of them, our featured shot that was taken from the top of the 265 meter tall radio antenna of Shartash. The perspective in the picture is confusing at first and for people like me afraid of heights, it kind of makes me feel giddy, more when I noticed the tip of the shoes in the very top centre of the picture. The green texture of the tree crowns in combination with the complementary red of the metal structure of the antenna contribute also to make this shot something very special.

This radio tower was not active anymore but still guarded. Me and my friends climbed to the top and took some pictures. When we came down the guards were waiting for us and they took us to the police station. We showed them the pictures, they lectured us, telling us not to do it again and then they let us go.

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