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Polyscapes: Fantastic images created from photos and graphics

Polyscapes: Fantastic images created from photos and graphics

Polyscapes are a popular trend that have appeared in all sorts of places, from Lady Gaga’s “Born this way” music video to Instagram, Pinterest and Reddit. Using some cool examples, we’ll explain how you can make photo collages from landscapes and geometric forms (polygons).

Choosing the right photos is priority

landscapeFirst and foremost, for impressive polyscapes you need the right photos. The ones that are mostly used are landscape photos taken in unusual light conditions or edited with certain effects. When selecting photos, go for simple, calm images. The graphics that you will add in afterwards will bring plenty of life to your finished images.


Simplicity is key

The use of triangle, circles and rectangles is well known in Bauhaus style design. These are combined together and filled with photo elements to create polyscapes.


Using Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 11, you can create great vector graphics for your polyscapes as follows:

  1. Start by simply combining geometric shapes together.
  2. With the “Intersect all shapes” feature, you can combine graphics by splitting them at overlapping edges.
  3. You can now move parts individually and then combine them together in a single shape.
  4. Fill this shape with the image you’ve selected.

Photo effects for a special look

You can also use other elements to fill vectors. For instance, you can edit the original image at the position of the graphic with effects such as adjusting color, increasing or decreasing contrast or blurring.


If you’ve already had some experience in image editing, you can add impressive effects by working with the graduation curve. The Magic Bullet PhotoLooks plugin from Red Giant is recommended for beginners. The plugin contains lots of cinematic templates as well as a range of ways to customize effects.

Font as a design element

In addition to triangles, circles and rectangles, you can also play around with typography. Fonts with relatively thick lines such as Open sans in an thick font style work best. For a more elegant look, try using Trajan Pro.


Easily transform single words, sayings or letters into editable shapes in Photo & Graphic Designer. By turning them into vectors this way, you can fill them with images or apply them to image areas underneath using the mixed layer modes.

Images in geometric shapes

Polyscapes can also be used to create minimalist artworks which comprise image-filled graphics on a monochrome background. This sleek design is particularly suited for posters, as it draws the eye to the graphic shapes and enables you to add extra text.


Whichever polyscape style you decide to use, they all have one thing in common – they’re easy to create and look stylish. We’ve created a few types of wallpaper in polyscape style that you can download for free here. Or create your own polyscapes with Xara Photo & Graphic Designer and share them with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the #Polyscape #MAGIX hastags.


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