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Privacy Statement

MAGIX Privacy Statement

We appreciate your trust in us and always take the greatest possible care to protect your personal data from unauthorized access using the highest safety standards possible.

Your order, personal information and payment details are protected by technical security systems and additional authorization procedures. This applies to the transfer of your data as well as to its storage on our servers. Your safety concerns according to the statutory obligations will always be accounted for when saving data. We process your personal information for handling orders and maintaining customer relations.

What information does MAGIX collect?

Within the frame of processing the services ordered by you, MAGIX, as necessary, collects information such as your name, address and, if applicable, your bank details and email address for the duration of the contractual relationship between you and MAGIX. Your data will be collected exclusively for providing you with the corresponding services and will be deleted according to statutory requirements as soon as it is no longer needed.

In connection with the use of our newsletter, we collect data on whether you have opened it, which information you use from it, and which information you do not find interesting. This will enable us to fine-tune our future offers according to your wishes. Of course we use such statistics only for improving our offers and do not disclose them to third parties.

Where does MAGIX save your data?

The information we have collected from you is stored exclusively on our company-owned servers. Sensitive information is encrypted during transfer using established safety technology (SSL: Secure Socket Layer) and thereby protected from unauthorized access.

Does MAGIX disclose your data to third parties?

On this website Google Analytics, a web analysis service by Google Inc, gathers and saves data from which user profiles are created using pseudonyms. These user profiles serve to analyze visitor behavior and are evaluated in order to improve the design of our offers in line with demand.
In addition we also use Google remarketing technology on our website. This technology allows users that have already visited our website and are interested in products to be targeted by specific advertisements. This benefits the users because they will receive advertisements that suit their interest, this also allows us to recommend suitable products.
Cookies are used for Google Analytics and for Google remarketing technology. These are small text files which are saved locally on the computer of the person visiting the site, they enable our website to recognize the user the next time they visit our website. You can prevent cookies being installed by selecting the respective option in your browser software; we would like to make it clear however that it is necessary to allow cookies in order to use the Service Center and web shop, however other areas of the website do work without cookies. User profiles will not be merged with personal data concerning the username owner without expressly stated approval by those affected. You can object to the collection and saving of data for web analysis purposes at any time by installing the deactivation add-on for your browser provided by Google. The add-on, plus more detailed information can be found using the following link: Using a corresponding code extension, Google Analytics captures your IP address on our website, but in an anonymous form.

Using social plug-ins

Our Internet page uses so-called social plug-ins from the social networks of the following providers:

  1., operated by the Big Head Labs, Inc., San Francisco/USA (“Disqus”). You can recognize the plug-in by its Disqus logo.

  2., which is operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (“Facebook”). The plug-in can be recognized by its Facebook logo (

  3., which is operated by Twitter Inc., 795 Folsom Street, Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA, (“Twitter”). The plug-in can be recognized by its Twitter logo ( )

  4., which is operated by Google, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA, (“Google”). The plug-ins can be recognized by their respective Google logos (blue “+1″ on a white square or a white “g” on a blue square).

  5., operated by Yahoo! Deutschland GmbH, Theresienhöhe 12, 80339 Munich (“Yahoo”). The plug-in cn be recognized by its Yahoo logo (white “y!” on a purple square).

  6., operated by the OpenID Foundation, 2400 Camino Ramon, Suite 375, San Ramon, CA 94583, USA (“OpenID”). The plug-in and can be recognized by the OpenID logo (orange-gray “oid” text on a white square).

When you recommend a page on our Internet site or when you leave a comment on a post on our website by clicking on one of the logos in the footer of the corresponding page, your browser will establish a direct connection to the servers of the respective operators. In case of the comment function, the network operator provides us with your username, which will then appear on our page as the comment’s author.

We have no influence neither on the content of the inserted plug-ins nor on the range of data the operator receives with the help of their plug-in. By embedding plug-ins, the operator receives the information that you have opened a certain page on our Internet site. If you are logged into the social network of interest, the operator can register the visit to our website with your account. When you click one of the above-mentioned logos, the corresponding information will be transferred from your browser directly to the operator and saved there. If you are not a member of the social network in question, there is still a chance that the operator will see your IP address and save it or even save permanent tracking information on your end device such as cookies, which will be utilized in case of subsequent visits to the operator’s page.

Please read the specific operator’s Terms of Use to determine the intended purpose and range of data collection and its further processing and use, as well as your rights and ways to protect your privacy:




Google: or



If you don’t want operators of the above-named social networks to receive data about you from our Internet site, you must log out of the social network before visiting our page, or deactivate Java scripts in your browser or block running of scripts for these domains. It is also possible to block plug-ins using browser add-ons such as “Facebook Blocker” for Facebook.

Using a corresponding code extension Google Analytics captures your IP address on our website, but in an anonymous form.

On these web pages plug-ins from the social network are used, which is operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (“Facebook”).

If you access Internet pages provided by our website with this kind of plug-in, a link to the Facebook servers will be created and a plug-in will be displayed on the website by notifying your browser. Thereby notifying the Facebook servers which of our websites you have visited. If you are logged in as a member of this Facebook, Facebook assigns this information to your personal Facebook account. When using plug-in functions (such as clicking on the “Like” button, or when leaving a comment) this information is associated with your Facebook account, you can prevent this by logging out before using the plug-in.

For more detailed information on your rights and ways to protect your privacy and how Facebook collects and uses data, consult Facebook’s privacy policy.

The following applies in other cases:

MAGIX or companies affiliated with MAGIX may use the information collected from you for marketing purposes, provided you have given your consent to such utilization. Exceptions are only made if you have participated in a competition that was arranged in cooperation with a further partner. In such cases, however, we will point out explicitly that your data may be disclosed to third parties.

Moreover, your details may be passed on to third parties for providing services or for delivering the newsletter, for instance, to the carrier who will deliver the goods you have ordered or the company that will be responsible for the technology for delivering the newsletter.

Within the frame of applicable law MAGIX will surrender information to law enforcement agencies and courts at their request for the purpose of criminal prosecution.

Does MAGIX use cookies?

MAGIX does not collect personal data of any kind when you visit our website. However MAGIX places cookies when its website is loaded thus avoiding anew requesting of information on navigating our website.

Cookies are small files that are saved on the hard drive of your PC. Access therefore only occurs in impersonalized form and exclusively when you visit our website. Other websites cannot access this information. The validity of cookies is limited, i.e. they are not stored permanently on your PC but rather for a specific period of time.

You can prevent the installation of cookies anytime by selecting the option “Do not accept cookies” in your browser.

Data that we collect with the aid of cookies is used for the sole purpose of customizing our offer according to customer preferences and to make browsing of our site as convenient as possible for you.

Removing your data

You have the right to request that all collected data that is not required by MAGIX for providing the services you have requested be deleted. Simply send a post card to MAGIX AG, Customer Care, Borsigstr. 24, 32312 Lübbecke.