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Put a shine on your images with the Glass Effect in Online Album

Put a shine on your images with the Glass Effect in Online Album

It’s spring again and the perfect time to freshen things up a bit, including your photos. The new Glass Effect lets you polish up the background image in your MAGIX Online Album so it shines through better than ever. And the best thing is, in addition to presenting your photo album on your conventional PC, now you can use HTML 5 to present it on smartphones and tablet PCs as well. I’ll show you how it works.

How to add the Glass Effect to the background image of your MAGIX Online Album

Out with the old – The old start page for my MAGIX Online Album seems a bit dull

The first thing to do is log in to your MAGIX Online Album and start the Online Media Manager. This is the interface that displays all of your photos, music tracks and videos as well as the tools. By the way, if you don’t already have an Online Album from us, you can register for free to get one.

Media Mogul: With the Online Media Manager you get a complete overview of all your photos etc.

The next step is to go to “Album Design” in the settings toolbar.

The “Album Homepage Setup” window will open. If your MAGIX Online Album is still in HTML or Flash format, you can go to the option “Album Version” and click on “HTML 2.0”.

And now you can get creative! At this point you can select the theme “Glass”.

Transparency individual: Select and set up Glass Effect

In the next step you can select a background image. To provide a bit of color contrast to the picture on my start page I’ve selected a sundown motif.

And there you have it! A whole new look for the MAGIX Online Album!


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